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About us.

humane, compassionate, effective

Closure Path was created after countless hours assisting families nationwide with matters related to the estate closure process.  We quickly realized that there was a tremendous need to provide families with real support and personalized resources to help them save time and money.

In partnership with pre-planners and funeral homes nationwide we are pleased to offer this valuable solution to families across the country.

Our Vision

We strive to provide a sought after and much needed solution to assist families with the estate closure process.

We deliver a comprehensive personalized checklist full of relevant information, resources and tools.

We will make a difficult time easier by providing compassion and support along with professional expertise.


Dedicated Local Professionals

Each of our consultants is highly trained to assist with the estate closure process in your local community.

Our team is dedicated to assisting families when they needed it most.  Leveraging a proven process that has been used by families across the country, we are able to expedite the estate closure process.  

No matter the size of your estate, our team will conduct proper due diligence to ensure nothing is overlooked.  Our experts cover everything from basic estate closure tips and tools to comprehensive professional services to handle the most complex estate.

Our Team

Changing the way families handle the estate closure process from start-to-finish.

Value 01.


Our team understands that you are grieving and will take all of the time necessary to work with you at your convenience.  We deliver a sought-after human connection in a world that is growing more and more disconnected every day.

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