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Introducing our law firm


Generate 30% more pre-plans annually with $0 expense.


Leverage a unique combination of human touch and technology delivered through collaborative estate closure software.  This simple and intuitive solution will generate more pre-need appointments than ever before.

ClosurePath provides Pre-Planners with more opportunities.

As a Pre-Planner you help families with their pre-need planning everyday.  What are you doing to help those families AFTER the funeral?


Leveraging ClosurePath's software, you'll be able to make the very complicated process of closing an estate much simpler.  Using this innovative solution you'll be able to instantly provide each family with a personalized estate closure tool kit, your Personal Path.

This simple and proven process will uncover pre-planning opportunities and allow you to instantly set pre-need appointments.

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How it works.


Phone Script

We provide you with a proven phone script delivering a high engagement rate (over 70%) to set estate closure appointments with families approximately one week AFTER a funeral.


Post Funeral Meeting

Leveraging our proprietary software you'll be able to collect estate closure data through a series of simple yes and no questions during a brief 30 minute meeting.


Real Value Delivered

Our software will automatically generate a personalized tool kit that includes everything a family needs to begin the estate closure process, with the assistance of local experts.


Pre-Plan Meeting

A series of dedicated pre-need questions designed specifically to drive pre-need sales will result in surviving family members scheduling a meeting with you to pre-plan their own funerals.

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Who we help.

We generated $300,000 in additional pre-plans in 4 months using the ClosurePath platform.

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