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Step 2

02. Guidance

What is your Personal Path?

Your "Personal Path" is a fully customized and personalized step-by-step guide designed to help you through the entire estate closure process.   You’ll learn what steps you’ll need to take to:


Cancel Subscriptions

Settle Outstanding Bills 

Contact Government Agencies

Memorialize Online Profiles

Obtain Documentation 

Close Accounts

Retitle Assets

Transfer Titles

Establish an Estate Tax ID

File a Final Tax Return

Discover Unknown Assets

Process Insurance Claims

Rollover Retirement Plans

What is included in your Personal Path?

You'll receive a complimentary "tool kit" containing all of the following:

Checklist of Estate Closure Items

Step-by-Step Guide

Personalized Tips

Pre-filled Letters

Professional Resource Directory

And more...

Step 2 Completed  - Personal Path

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Now that you have received your Personal Path guide you are ready to being the estate closure path.  

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