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Step 1

01. Initial Meeting

What to expect.

Your initial consultation can be conducted in a number of ways based upon your comfort level.  We understand that this may be a difficult time and we understand the grieving process.  

We can speak over the phone.

We can speak over video conference.

We can meet at your home.

We can meet at your local funeral home.

We can meet at one of our offices.

We can provide you with a secure link and an online questionnaire.

Our goal during the initial consultation is simply to meet you and learn more about the personalized estate closure process ahead.


We recommend that all decision makers try to attend the initial meeting as it will help us better understand who we will be assisting.  If you have any pertinent or urgent matters, please plan to discuss those items.  And, rest assured we are simply here to help so we will be listening as much as asking questions.

 Step 1 Completed - Initial Meeting

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Now that you have completed the initial meeting it is time to move on to your personalized checklist.

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