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Every estate closure is different.  During your initial consultation we review your personal situation and provide you with an estimated timeline.

7-10 Days after the Funeral

Initial Consultation

Dependent on the arrangement with your local funeral home (if applicable) either our team will contact you or you will be provided with instructions on how to best schedule your initial consultation.  We are happy to work with you sooner or later entirely at your convenience.

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10-14 Days after the Funeral

Your Personal Path

Your Personal Path, personalized step-by-step guide to your local estate closure process will be prepared and delivered to you via email, mail (or both if preferred).  In select locations, online access is also available to allow multiple family members to collaborate on the process. 

14+ Days after the Funeral

Ongoing Assistance

Your dedicated local Closure Path team will be available to provide ongoing assistance and support, as well as access to additional resources.

Thanks to ClosurePath we were further along in two weeks then we thought we'd be in months. 

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