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Closure Path provides pre-planners and pre-need agents with an opportunity to increase their pre-need sales while delivering more value to families. Offering a comprehensive estate closure process will ensure that you are in front of more high quality pre-need prospects every week.

We are seeking pre-planners nationwide to start leveraging our proprietary estate closure software.  We provide full training and support every step of the way with this easy-to-use online solution. The choice is yours whether you will charge for this service or provide it as a complimentary value add-on.

Your Options

We provide two simple options that give your funeral home the choice as to how you will leverage our platform.

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Standard Package

Basic License

Our Standard Package is most popular amongst funeral homes simply wanting to add value for their families.  Your basic website, data input forms and Personal Path documentation will feature your logo, color scheme, contact information and more.

Standard Package Includes:

Branded Website 

Branded Input Form

Branded Output Forms (Digital)

Branded Brochure

Dedicated IT Support

Unlimited Families



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Professional Package

Fully Customized Solution

Changing the way families handle the estate closure process from start-to-finish.

Our Professional Package delivers a fully customized solution for funeral homes looking to maximize engagement with families and drive additional revenues.  Fully customized solutions are available with customized page views, data input fields, output forms, data integration and more.

Professional Package Includes:

Customized Website + Site Integration

Customized Input Form + Data Fields

Customized Output Forms (Digital + Print)

Customized Brochure

Data Integration + Automated Workflows

Premium IT Support + Hotline

Unlimited Families

Tracking + Real Time Monitoring

Multiple Family Member Login

Pre-Planning Integration Forms

Grief Support Communications



Value 01.


Our team understands that families are grieving and has taken the time to understand this process.  We deliver a sought-after human connection in a world that is growing more and more disconnected every day.

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